About Us

Like our clothes and makeup, our hair is a reflection of our style and personality. It is a blank canvas that we use to show the world who we are, and as with any work of art, a true artist is needed to bring out its very best. 

RG Salon & Spa has assembled a team of top stylists who cater to celebrities, models, singers, fashionistas, and everyone in between. The loft-style salon invites you to relax and take the time to find the best look, whether that means a total transformation or a quick update. 

Each step of the way you are guided by stylists who track all the top trends and are inspired by both haute couture and pop culture. Your hair gets star treatment. 

RG’s Salon, Spa, & Boutique has everything one could desire for a full day of luxury: the 6,000 square-foot space houses a full service salon, day spa, and the exclusive Captiva boutique, where a dazzling array of dresses, bags, and jewelry will tempt you to complete a head-to-toe transformation.